Educational stays

Under the Erasmus+ programme, teaching staff can go on a two to two-month teaching stay at foreign partner higher education institutions.

The aim of teaching mobility is to promote mutual relations and cooperation between universities within the European area, improve language learning, inform education systems in different countries and give education a European dimension.

This stay will receive a grant covering accommodation, meals, pocket money, local transport, insurance and travel expenses. It is not possible to attend the conference during the teaching stay. Financial support is provided exclusively for days that are certified under the Mobility Agreement for Teaching.

Before leaving, the teaching staff must agree a mobility programme with their sending and receiving institution. Similarly, other organisational matters (travel orders, tickets, tickets, accommodation, etc.) are handled by the teaching staff themselves.

The administration and grant agenda associated with the Erasmus+ programme is led by the International Office ZČU.

A teaching placement can be undertaken at any time during a given academic year, between 1. 6 and 30. 9 of the following year

The usual duration of a teaching stay is 1 working week - 5 working days, plus two days for travel.

A teaching staff member must teach a min during a teaching stay. 8 hours/week or less duration of stay, legitimate activity is any form of active teaching activity.

Interested in teaching placements apply in April/May to a contact person in the FZS.