Science at the Faculty of Health Studies

Research and development

The activities of the Faculty of Health Studies are linked not only to the activities of other faculties of University of West Bohemia, but also to the important health facilities of the Pilsen Region, both in educational and research and development fields. However, the faculty's activities are not only linked to medical facilities, but also to a number of other entities.

The Faculty has prepared and is now undertaking a number of small but also very important projects, including large-scale international projects. In addition, several other projects are already under development and are under evaluation.

Depending on the results achieved, further projects are expected to be prepared and implemented in the coming years.

As well as tackling its own projects, the Faculty has a strong interest in various types of cooperation with external actors (universities as well as business and manufacturing), especially in projects which are at least partly funded by endowment titles.

Currently these are mainly titles from the area of border cooperation and then significantly titles to support the activities of small and medium-sized business entities in cooperation with research organisations – e.g. corporate subsidy programmes or local subsidy sources – e.g. innovation and business vouchers.

The faculty is staffed by professors, associates and other science and education staff with a doctoral degree who have experience in scientific research work and are a sufficient guarantee for the development of research in the faculty. They have sufficient knowledge potential and actively submit proposals for research.

Faculty students have been involved in tackling various departmental-orientation projects since the Faculty's inception. Outcomes in the form of bachelor's, seminar, conference presentations, etc. Faculty student achievement is also assessed at university-wide level in the TALENT competition, with around a dozen students each year.

Faculty management is newly supporting the creation of multi-member student science teams gathered around experienced scientific researchers from the faculty or other faculties of the University of West Bohemia in order to achieve even more high-quality outcomes.

Specific areas for directing faculty science and research

  • Primary preventive interventions in prenatal and postnatal life and their effect on the woman and child.
  • Improving health care for the ageing population and the disabled through new specific technologies.
  • Research on students' motivations and attitudes towards the health profession.
  • Implementation of nursing interventions in multimedia technologies.
  • Monitoring of selected bioengineering skin parameters in dialysis patients.
  • Measurement of pressure fields of human body surface and environment contact.
  • Research into activation markers of lymphocytes cultured in the presence of fibroblasts or mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Research to enhance the safety of IMS staff, medical and non-medical staff.
  • Research survey on healthy lifestyles of students in Czech and Slovak universities.
  • Processing and analytical evaluation of unique data resulting from joint exercises of the Bavarian Red Cross and the medical rescue services of the Pilsen, Karlovy Vary and South Bohemia regions.
  • Research on anthropometric characteristics and monitoring of orthopaedic treatments for congenital and acquired locomotor defects.
  • Monitoring of functional disorders of students of the Plzeň Sports Grammar School.
  • Research focused on analysis of functional disorders of football players SK Petřín Plzeň – analysis using kinesiological analysis and tests.
  • Research on targeted neurostimulation in ORL applications (in preparation).
  • Modelling and simulating the figure during growth, limbs, limb segments, tibiofemoral angle, heel angle in healthy children and children with congenital or acquired limb defects (in preparation).
  • Research and development of health measures in nuclear energy (in preparation).