STRATEGY 2021–2025

UWB Mission

The mission of UWB is to ensure high-quality comprehensive education, including doctoral studies for Czech as well as international students, based on objective knowledge and scientific and creative activity at a high level; to be an independent platform for a society-wide discussion and also a driver of the education potential in West Bohemia, transcending not only geographical borders, but also those of various fields of knowledge and ingrained concepts. 

Vision 2025

Our vision is to educate young people in such a way that they can understand the wider context of the 21st century world and can themselves significantly contribute to its positive and sustainable development. 

Fundamental values

To achieve its vision, UWB respects the following fundamental values:

• Freedom, democracy
• Traditional moral values of European civilization
• Academic freedom and responsibility
• Courage, obedience and prudence
• Professionalism and self-discipline 

The UWB creed is:

The best thing that WE can do for the future of the world is to help YOU to do it.