Project Department

The faculty created the Project Department in the second half of 2015, which is under the Dean of the Faculty. The Project Department works closely with the dean,vice-deans, faculty secretary and department heads. At the same time, cooperation with the University of West Bohemia Project Centre is being developed. In the short period of its existence, the Faculty Project Department has initiated, helped to process, or itself prepared a number of projects, some of which are already being addressed.

The main activities of the Project Department are:

  • backward and ongoing analysis of the faculty's internal project potential
  • active search of endowment resources, analysis of their usefulness within the faculty
  • active search for potential partners of all types
  • active communication and information sharing with the University Project Centre
  • providing advice to project preparers
  • providing active assistance in the processing, submission and resolution of projects
  • continuously informing faculty about the possibilities of endowment titles through all available channels (e.g. mail, www pages, information sessions, workshops, etc.)
  • promoting faculty options to potential partners
  • stimulating faculty staff and students to submit projects, informing them of the benefits for both professional growth and qualitative growth and faculty development
  • registration of project activities, background processing, updating