After finishing your bachelor degree, you can continue with studying the follow up programme or you can choose different programme. It is up to you.



Programme type: Master  degree (Mgr.)
Study mode: part-time
Programme duration: 2 years

Study programme:
Nursing care in acute settings
Nursing care in surgery settings

This two year postgraduate course has taken place at the Department of nursing and midwifery at the Faculty of health care studies, University of West Bohemia since 2017/2018.

This programme is for undergraduates who completed a bachelor nursing course and have worked in a certain setting to meet the criteria for studying postgraduate programme.

This programme Nursing care in internal medicine, Nursing care in surgical medicine is based on the characteristics of nursing as an independent scientific discipline based on the interaction of theory, practice, education and research activities.The basic characteristic of the master's study program is the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that applicants have acquired on the basis of the previous bachelor's study field.

The programme focuses on complex, interdisciplinary knowledge of the healthcare system that can be carry on without direct supervision in accordance with law 96/2004, and as amended, on the conditions for obtaining and recognising the competence to perform non-medical health professions and to perform activities related to the provision of health care and to amend some related acts further in accordance law. 391/2017, on the activities of health professionals and other professionals.

 The master's degree program in nursing provides specialised knowledge, skills and attitudes in nursing disciplines, the graduate has advanced knowledge and skills needed to access, implement and evaluate care for clients and their families, is equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and attitudes to organisational and methodical management in nursing care.

This programme is part time.